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As the official publication of the AASM, the online Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine continues to gain a larger audience among both the general public and medical professionals by publishing high quality original articles


A new study has uncovered different survival traits in bacteria depending on the area they inhabit in the lung. The finding sheds light on why some treatments only work in parts of the lung.


1.6 million people are dying each year in China due to air pollution, according to a new study.


What Would You Give for a Better Night Sleep? Do you struggle with insomnia?


Saturday 1st August marked World Lung Cancer Day and the Forum of International Respiratory Societies (FIRS) has launched a month-long conversation about lung cancer: World Lung Cancer Day 2015: Honour, Unite, Inspire.


The American Academy of Sleep Medicine and Sleep Research Society recently released a Consensus Statement regarding the recommended amount of sleep to promote optimal health in adults.



Below you will find a list of all previous news articles published on The Thoracic and Sleep Group Queensland (TSGQ) website. These articles have been compiled by our Sleep and Thoracic Specialists
Dr Andrew Scott and Dr John Feenstra and our sleep and respiratory scientists for both medical professionals, our patients and the general public.

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Thoracic Medicine


Cancer deaths higher in South America

A study by Lancet Oncology has suggested that the rate of deaths from cancer in South America is higher than in other parts of the world.


Bird Flu 2013

As of April 7th 2013 there have been 6 deaths in China from the latest strain of Avian Flu.


Can your job give you Asthma?

Research has suggested that certain occupations carry a greater risk of asthma.


New York Smoke-free for 10 years

It has been 10 years now since the smoking ban in New York and an estimated 10,000 deaths have been prevented.


Coronavirus cure?

Dutch researchers discover the receptor that is used by the coronavirus, and with this information hopefully a cure can be found.


Is there a best time to exercise?

Research has suggested that there could be an optimal time of day to get our lungs working.


Asthma development in the womb?

A new study suggests that the development of respiratory disesease may be initiated in the womb.


Smoking more dangerous to women

Smoking has been shown to be more dangerous to women in a new study with some types of cancer being twice as prevalent.


The latest ERS vision

In a discovery that could transform asthma treatment, US researchers have found our lungs carry receptors for bitter tastes.


Asthma worsens during menstrual cycle

Research links severity of asthma symptoms in women with their stage in the menstrual cycle.


New Flu Drug

Australian scientists are amongst a team who has developed a new drug to treat lethal strains of flu.


Fast Track to Asthma

A study in Thorax has detailed a worrying link between fast food consumption and asthma in children.





























Sleep Medicine


Poor sleep linked to ALzheimer's

Breathing problems during sleep could be an early warning sign of Alzheimer's disease.


Humans used to have a '1st' then '2nd' sleep

Some evidence suggest that we didn't always sleep in one 'block' of sleep and that this might be a fairly modern development.


The most tired pupils in the world

Australian school pupils are some of the most tired in the world according to new research.


Genes affected by sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation affects hundreds of genes involved with inflammation, immunity and cellular stress.


Hospital to play snoring to help patients sleep

A Scottish hospital is using an unusual soundtrack to try to help it's patients sleep.

Why Real Men and Women Need Their Sleep

There are many benefits to getting a good night's sleep. A recent Australian prime-ministerial candidate’s decision to sacrifice sleep to keep on campaigning had a few sleep experts rolling their eyes.

The Big Sleep Survey

The Big Sleep Survey is a real community based science research project. Australian sleep scientists want to find out how much sleep we're getting and whether mobiles and laptops in the bedroom are affecting our sleep.

Guidelines for Assessing Fitness to Drive

This article is a report on the current legal situation (Oct 2010) in Australia regarding medical conditions and fitness to drive. Several court cases have lead to major changes in reporting of medical conditions which affect individuals ability to drive.

Sleep Apnoea and Kidney Disease

Recent studies suggest up to 50% of patients with any form of kidney impairment have obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA).

OSA and Nocturia

Patients with obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) frequently complain of nocturia (night-time urinary frequency), and overactive bladder syndrome (OAB). However a recent study indicates stroke risk is nearly four times higher in those patients with nocturia because of underlying OSA.

Erectile Dysfunction Caused by OSA

For sufferers of obstructive sleep apnoea, erectile dysfunction (ED) can be part of the clinical package. It is underdiagnosed, undertreated, and poorly discussed.

Cognitive Function after Sleep Deprivation

Dr Andrew Scott has reviewed the current literature on sleep deprivation and cognitive ability compiling this comprehensive overview on the latest medical research.

Dangers of Driving Tired

Statistics show 17% of Queensland road fatalities invlove driver fatigue. A review of the literature has shown OSA treatment is significantly improving fatigue, daytime sleepiness and lack of energy.

Sleep Habits: Health and Lifestyle Consequences

Bad sleep habits (hygiene) can have a serious impact on your relationships and your health, but there are some simple solutions you can try for a better night sleep.


Poor Sleep During Pregnancy Linked to High Blood Pressure

Sleep deprivation during pregnancy has been shown to contribute to multiple conditions detrimental to maternal and infant health.


Babies don't have Contagious Yawning, unlike Adults and Chimps

Young children don't find yawning contagious, according to a new British study.


Sleep Facts You Might Not Know About...

Did you know you unknowingly swallow 4 spiders per year whilst asleep? This and other sleep facts inside!


Jetlag: What is it?

We have all heard of Jet Lag but what is it really? We go deeper and explain its true causes and how circadian rythms affect sleep and how it can influence other sleep disorders.


An Update on the Big Sleep Survey

Preliminary results are in from the Big Sleep Survey 2010 and the results make for interesting reading!


Optalert - Drowsiness Detector

The Optalert System is a safety device engineered to improve the personal safety of transport workers in an effort to detect and prevent drowsy driving.


Teens and Drowsy Driving

The burden on the health system due to driving tired is growing with teenagers particularly susceptible


Light and Sleep doesn't mix!

Research into light exposure shows it can decrease melatonin production reducing sleep quality.


Sleep Apnoea in the News

A recent episode of the 7 PM Project on Network 10 featured a report on Sleep Apnoea. We think this is an extremely informative and well produced report documenting some of the elements involved with sleep apnoea. We have included the video below and some links to other helpful information for anyone who has questions about their sleep.


Australia faces its biggest challenge: Being overweight!

More than 70 per cent of Australians will be overweight or obese and only a quarter in the healthy weight range by the year 2025, according to a new Monash University report.


Childhood Sleep Disorders linked with significant cardiovascular morbidity.

Identification of disease markers may lead to a simple and reliable method of diagnosing childhood sleep disorders.


Technology may be ruining people's sleep!

Technology is ever-present in today's society, but the devices that help make our lives more efficient are also making us more sleep deprived, according to a poll conducted by the National Sleep Foundation.


Teens and Sleep

Research has shown that teens require a unique sleep environment for growth and development.

News on the Thoracic and Sleep Group QLD


TSGQ Labs Internationally Accredited by Clinilabs

Thoracic and Sleep Group (QLD) have received universal certification by Clinilab in New York to be involved within their international network of clinical trials.


The Wesley Hospital Sleep Disorders Centre Celebrates First Anniversary

Thoracic and Sleep Group (Queensland) are proud to celebrate the first anniversary of The Wesley Hospital Sleep Disorders Centre. This centre was established to recognise the growing demand for quality, state of the art sleep medicine services in Brisbane.


Wesley Lung Function Laboratory News

The Wesley Lung Function Laboratory now Bulk Bills all Lung Function testing.


TSGQ Team in the Bridge to Brisbane

The annual running of the Bridge to Brisbane saw tens of thousand of competitors take part in support of Autism QLD. Among them was a team of TSGQ Staff.


TSGQ Goes Mobile

TSGQ has acquired some wheels and you will be sure to see us coming!


The Leukemia Foundation's "World's Greatest Shave" and TSGQ

The World's Greatest Shave is a bit of fun and all for a good cause.


Other News Stories


Think Pink Week in support of breast cancer awareness.

The annual Think Pink week concluded with the Kim Walters Choices Program Charity Ball. TSGQ staff got dressed to the nines and had a great night out!


Wesley Lung Function Laboratory News

The Wesley Lung Function Laboratory now Bulk Bills all Lung Function testing.


The Wesley Hospital Clinical Week 2010

TSGQ is proud to support the Wesley Clinical Week 2010. TSGQ specialist physicians Dr's Andrew Scott and John Feenstra will make presentations as part of the GP Clinical Weekend October 9-10.


Medicine and the Law: Medical Disorders and Driving

Doctors need to inform patients of their legal obligation to inform their driver licensing authority of their medical condition, including sleep disorders. Driving during the period legally prevented by their medical condition may render the patient not only criminally liable, but in breach of their third party insurance.


Adenovirus infection linked to obesity in children

The common cold may be associated with childhood obesity, US scientists report. Researchers found that children exposed to a particular strain of adenovirus were significantly more likely to be obese.


General Information: Queensland Flood Disaster

General safety information and cleanup advice for persons in the flood affected areas.


Seasonal Influenza Vaccination 2011

Get the Flu shot before the Flu gets you!


Thousands scanned amid Japan's nuclear emergency.

The Australian Red Cross has launched the Japan and Pacific Disaster Appeal 2011. You can assist those people affected by the earthquake by making a donation



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