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A recent study has shown that adaptive servoventilation (ASV) may be harmful in heart failure patients with central sleep apnoea. The results indicated a 10% annual risk of cardiovascular death in ASV patients compared with 7.5% in the control group. The overall survival and hospitalisation rate was not different between the groups.


Researchers find that having sleep apnea while pregnant could make the baby prone to metabolic disease as an adult. The study suggests that reoccurring oxygen deprivation, during pregnancy causes long-term changes in the offspring's liver's ability to maintain blood glucose level.


Symptoms of depression and insomnia are the strongest predictors of having frequent nightmares, a new study concludes. A nightmare disorder may occur when repeated nightmares cause distress or impairment in social or occupational functioning.


Navigational brain cells that help sense direction are as electrically active during deep sleep as they are during wake time, scientists have discovered. Such information could be useful in treating navigational problems associated with Alzheimer's disease and other neurological disorders.


A team of neuropsychologists at Saarland University have shown that even a brief sleep of 45 to 60 minutes can significantly improve retention of learned material in memory


People exposed to prolonged periods of shortened sleep have significant increases in blood pressure during nighttime hours, researchers report.


Our Support Team

Our specialist team consisting of sleep and thoracic specialists physicians, sleep scientists, sleep nurses, night technicians, CPAP educators and administrative staff will ensure that your patient receives the highest quality care while attending our clinics.

Medical Staff

Dr Andrew Scott

Dr Andrew Scott
Sleep and Thoracic Physician, CEO and Director
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I grew up in… 1970s, when running barefoot to your local creek was fun, and mum didn't care
I start my day by… turning the music on and listening to one song
I would love to be… a better singer in my morning shower
When I am not working, I am… getting to the beach as often as I can
I wish I could… surf a bigger wave
My favourite restaurant is… my mum's kitchen
Most people don't know… I played double bass in a jazz group
When I was growing up I wanted to be… the bionic marvel Steve Austin
My all time favourite movie is… The Exorcist.
I couldn't live without… happiness
My greatest achievement is… still being here
My most annoying habit is… being a little obsessive with my work
The one person I would most like to meet is… my uncle again. I miss him a lot.

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Dr John FeenstraDr John Feenstra
Sleep and Thoracic Physician and Director
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I grew up in… Brisbane
I start my day by… having breakfast with my children
I would love to be… a better handyman
When I am not working, I am… spending time with family and friends
I wish I could… live in Boston for a year
My favourite restaurant is… Ecco Bistro
Most people don't know… I’m a petrol head
When I was growing up I wanted to be… a pilot
My all time favourite movie is… Lord of the Rings
I couldn't live without… travelling and a good beer
My greatest achievement is… my family
My most annoying habit is… saying ‘yes’ and being over committed
The one person I would most like to meet is… ‘the Stig’.

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CPAP Educators

Nursing staff

Marie-Louise Oegemamarie_louise_omega
Sleep RN


  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • Four years of training at the University of Johannesburg in Johannesburg South Africa.

TravisTravis Bell
Sleep RN


  • Bachelor of Nursing

Scientific Staff

Natalie Eriksson
Sleep and Respiratory Scientist
Quality Assurance OfficeNat3


  • Bachelor of Science (Microbiology, Biological Sciences, Biochemistry)
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons.) (Biomedical Sciences)
  • 6 years experience research science

Yeshan EkanayakeYay
Sleep Scientist


  • Bachelor of Science (Physiology, Zoology, Animal Science)
  • Graduate Diploma Sport Science
  • Post Graduate Certificate Sport Science

Tiffany Beck

Sleep TechnicianTiffany


  • Bachelor of Visual Arts/ Bachelor of eduction
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Teacher of Arts
  • 3 years experience sleep technician

Khosro Zarif-Raftar
Sleep TechnicianKhosro


  • Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology)
  • 2 years experience sleep technician

Clinic Staff

Trish McDonnell

Medical Secretary, Dr Andrew ScottTrish2 



Dale TroibanDale Troian
Practice Manager, Dr John Feenstra

Diane Van Zelmdi
Receptionist, Dr John Feenstra 

Management and Administrative Staff

Tessa LivingstoneTessa Livingstone
Bookings Manager


  • 15 years experience in administration.


Tamarin Wells

Book keeper


  • 14 year managerial and book keeping experience

Arianna Safi
Senior administrative officer, TSGQ


  • 2 years of administrative experience.
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