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New evidence reported in the Cell Press journal Current Biology on October 15 shows that three ancient groups of hunter-gatherers--living in different parts of the world without any of those trappings of modern life--don't get any more sleep than we do


The Thoracic and Sleep Group Queensland recently attended the General Practioners Conference and Exhibition (GPCE) to provide expert information to practitioners regarding all things sleep and respiratory. 


As the official publication of the AASM, the online Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine continues to gain a larger audience among both the general public and medical professionals by publishing high quality original articles


A new study has uncovered different survival traits in bacteria depending on the area they inhabit in the lung. The finding sheds light on why some treatments only work in parts of the lung.


1.6 million people are dying each year in China due to air pollution, according to a new study.


What Would You Give for a Better Night Sleep? Do you struggle with insomnia?


Our Support Team

Our specialist team consisting of sleep and thoracic specialists physicians, sleep scientists, sleep nurses, night technicians, CPAP educators and administrative staff will ensure that your patient receives the highest quality care while attending our clinics.

Medical Staff

Dr Andrew Scott

Dr Andrew Scott
Sleep and Thoracic Physician, CEO and Director
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Dr Andrew Scott is a Thoracic and Sleep Physician plus CEO and Director of Thoracic and Sleep Group (Qld).  He has 15 years experience in Sleep Medicine, having worked in major sleep units in Brisbane, Sydney and Cambridge (UK). He is Medical Director of The Wesley Hospital Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme with a team including nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, pharmacist and clinical psychologist.  He has published in the areas of sleep medicine, infectious diseases of the lung, thoracic oncology, transplant medicine, cystic fibrosis, autoimmune lung disorders and thoracic surgery. Research in these areas has been presented at medical conferences in North America, Europe, U.K and throughout Australasia. He has also practiced in the area of lung transplantation developing skills in complex interventional bronchoscopy including airway stenting and laser therapy. He is a Senior Lecturer in Medicine with the University of Queensland. Dr Scott continues to maintain daily clinics with one of the busiest private practices in Thoracic and Sleep Medicine in South East Queensland.

Senior administration

Tamarin Wells
TamAugust2015General Manager


  • 14 years managerial and book keeping experience

Michelle Leis
Finance ManagerMichelle


  • 11 years finance and book keeping experience

Nursing staff

Marie-Louise Oegemamarie_louise_omega


  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • Four years of training at the University of Johannesburg in Johannesburg South Africa.

TravisTravis Bell
Sleep RN


  • Bachelor of Nursing

Senior cpap educator

Tiffany Beck


  • Bachelor of Visual Arts/ Bachelor of eduction
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Teacher of Arts
  • 5 years experience sleep technician

Sleep Scientific Staff

Natalie ErikssonNATAugust2015
Sleep and Respiratory Scientist
Quality Assurance Office


  • Bachelor of Science (Microbiology, Biological Sciences, Biochemistry)
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons.) (Biomedical Sciences)
  • 6 years experience research science
  • 2 years Sleep Science experience

Erika MateusEricaAugust2015
Sleep Scientist


  • Bachelor of Nursing (Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogota, Colombia)
  • Master of Nursing (Cardiovascular Health Care)
  • Specialised training in sleep disorders, polysomnography and CPAP and BIPAP at Fundacion Neumologica Colombiana

Billy RobinsonBillyAugust20151
Sleep Scientist 


  • Bachelor of Biomedical Science
  • Six month exchange program studying Human Anatomy, Physiology, and Nutrition Related Disease at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 1 year Sleep/CPAP related experience

Khosro Zarif-RaftarKhosro
Sleep Technician


  • Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology)
  • 2 years experience sleep technician

Alexandra UnderwoodAllyAugust2015
Sleep Technician 


  • Bachelor of Biomedical Science
Mitchell CobcroftMitchellAugust2015
Sleep Technician


  • Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Honours)
  • 3 years experience in neuroscientific research

      respiratory scientific staff

      Mark Russell-PavierMarkAugust20151


      • Bachelor of Science (Physiology and Biochemistry)
      • 1 year sleep technician experience



      general administration

      Sandi U'renSandiAugust2015

      • 31 years administration experience



      Kathy CoxKathyAugust2015

      medical secretary, Dr Andrew Scott

      Trish McDonnellTrishAugust2015


      Robyn BrierleyRobynAugust2015


      Rachael BeckmanRachaelAugust2015


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